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Война слов

Рождение «утки»

Вчера Reuters потряс цивилизованный мир шокирующей новостью.

Для начала возник громоподобный заголовок: «U.S. would destroy banned Russian warheads if necessary: NATO envoy».

За которым последовала неизбежная детализация:

«Russia must halt its covert development of a banned cruise missile system or the United States will seek to destroy it before it becomes operational, Washington's envoy to NATO said on Tuesday.

The United States believes Russia is developing a ground-launched system in breach of a Cold War treaty that could allow Russia to launch a nuclear strike on Europe at short notice, but Moscow has consistently denied any such violation.
U.S. ambassador to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison said Washington remained committed to a diplomatic solution but was prepared to consider a military strike if development of the medium-range system continued.»

Не зря Джефф Джизи в свое время предупреждал о начале войны из-за вербальной интоксикации.

Вынимаем стенограмму пресс-конференции Кей Бэйли Хатчинсон и читаем (длинная цитата):

«On the issue of your second question on the INF Treaty. We have been trying to send a message to Russia for several years that we know they are violating the treaty. We have shown Russia the evidence that we have, that they are violating the treaty. They are building a medium-range ballistic missile in violation of the INF. That is a fact which we have proven.

We have been asked by our allies to consult with them on this issue which we are going to do, which we have done, and we will be even more specific, I believe, in the next two days with the evaluations that are documented that we have uncovered from Russia’s actions on the INF Treaty in violation.

The United States does not want to withdraw from the treaty. We certainly don’t intend to violate the treaty. So we are asking our allies for their suggestions on a way forward that would bring Russia into compliance, because that is our goal. Russia in compliance.

But if Russia continues to say they are not violating when the evidence is clear that they are, then diplomacy needs to be strengthened, and we need to look for other ways to bring Russia to the table on this issue. It’s very important.
We will consult with allies. They have asked that we consult. The Europeans are very concerned about this and we understand why.

We ask Russia to come into compliance because America is being very careful to stay in compliance. But there will come a point in the future in which America will determine that it has to move forward with a development phase that is not allowed by the treaty right now. That’s not imminent, but we are laying down the markers so that our allies will help us bring Russia to the table.

We are constantly aware of Russian maligned influence in the Western Balkans. We are not only in the enhanced forward presence that is a NATO operation, but we are also in the European Deterrence Initiative that is an American add-on to have that Western flank be the Eastern flank of Europe but the Western flank of Russia, be girded for a deterrence effort, and that would include not only the Baltics but of course Bulgaria, Romania, the places that need that extra deterrence. America is providing that and working with those countries as well.

The countermeasures would be to take out the missiles that are in development by Russia in violation of the treaty. So that would be the countermeasure eventually. We are trying not to do anything that would violate the treaty on our side, which allows research, but not going forward into development, and we are carefully keeping the INF Treaty requirements on our side, while Russia is violating.

We have documented on numerous occasions that Russia is violating. We have shown Russia that evidence. Some of our allies have seen that evidence. All of our allies have seen some of that evidence.

I think it is very important that we have the capability to deter, not only for European defense but for American defense. We have an intermediate range risk from Russia as well. So I think it is important that we continue to do everything as an alliance to put pressure on Russia to come forward, and first of all admit that they are in violation, and then secondly, to stop the violations. Because they are clearly doing it, our allies know that, our allies have spoken at the Summit with a clear indication that Russia must stop these violations.

We are not moving in that direction right now, but we are trying to tell Russia, and you know, the United States Congress told Russia last year when they passed the Armed Services Bill about this time last year, that we know they have violated the treaty and we are beginning the research capabilities that are allowed by the treaty to deter a medium-range ballistic missile.

So I think they are on notice. I think Congress has spoken. And I think it is time now for Russia to come to the table and stop the violations that we know they are making»

Речь идет «Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty», известном у нас, как «Договор о ликвидации ракет средней и меньшей дальности».

Общий смысл сказанного:
- РФ нарушает Договор о РСМД и есть свидетельства, которые предъявлены РФ;
- нарушения продолжаются;
- необходимо дипломатическое решение вопроса и вызов РФ за стол переговоров.
- г-жа Хатчинсон говорит о контрмерах, связанных с разработкой средств перехвата. Договор РСМД, которого США придерживаются, позволяет исследования в этой сфере, а в случае необходимости начнутся и разработки.

Ни о каком уничтожении и упреждающем ударе речь вообще не идет («United States will seek to destroy it before it becomes operational»).

Уважаемое агентство Reuters со 100+-летней историей всё чаще, к моему великому сожалению, оказывается в эпицентрах ими же разжигаемых скандалов.

Теперешняя желтизна полностью на их совести.

P.S.: самое интересное в пресс-конференции посла Хатчинсон, как обычно, не обсуждает никто:

«Question: Thank you, Ambassador. I would like to know something about Afghanistan. Last week, President of Blackwater [inaudible] with [inaudible], that they want to take the lead of fight in Afghanistan, which the Afghan President refused. What is the U.S. [inaudible] Afghanistan[inaudible] with the Blackwater company? Thank you.

Ambassador Hutchison: On the Blackwater company? I hadn’t heard that there was any mention of a private company taking the fight in Afghanistan. The Afghan soldiers have done an incredible job of trying to wipe out the terrorists in their country. They are fighting for their country. They are good fighters. I’ve been to Afghanistan twice just since I’ve been an Ambassador, but I was there twice before when I was a United States Senator, and the efforts that are being made by the Afghan people are truly heartwarming and very, very respected by all of us who have troops in the field.»



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