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"Sir, I'll have you know I'm West Pointer!"
"Hmph! You look more like an Irish setter to me"

Lincoln himself liked to tell the story about two Quakeresses who had a spirited discussion concerning himself Jefferson Davis.
"I think Mr. Jefferson will win this war," declared the first one.
"Why does thee think so?"
"Because Jefferson is a praying man."
"And so is Abraham praying man."
"That's true," answered the first. "But the Lord will think Abraham is joking."

From Wartime Pocket Book
Tags: book, humor, war
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Редкий для меня служебно-личный пост. За последние полгода накопилось просто какое-то невероятное количество тем, о которых стоит поговорить, но за повседневной текучкой не доходят руки. Причем большей частью тем вполне жежешных форматов, которые не нужно упрощать-адаптировать и…
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